Pinnacle Actuation Products

MOV Extra High Performance Greases

Formulated to offer solutions associated with lubrication of manual and motorized operators.

Provides a longer service life.

When performing refurbishment services in our shop or in the field, Pinnacle is committed to using MOV Extra!


Product History

Ecvo Fluid Center’s MOV family of grease was developed in response to Exxon-Mobil discontinuing its Nebula EP family of greases utilized in Limitorque® valve operators and gearboxes.  MOV Extra, specifically formulated for use in fossil fuel power plants and commercial applications, uses a state of the art thickener to give outstanding performance.  It is specifically formulated to offer solutions to the past problems such as grease separation and age hardening associated with the lubrication of manual and motorized valve operators, and to provide a longer service life.  MOV Extra meets or exceeds the Limitorque® minimum lubricant qualities.

MOV Extra grease has proven performance as a replacement for the discontinued Exxon Nebula EP family. Testing has proven MOV Extra is compatible with the calcium complex thickener in Nebula EP and may be added without complete removal of the existing Nebula EP however, recommended maintenance practices are to remove as much of the obsolete grease as possible to optimize the performance of MOV Extra.

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