Actuation Refurbishment

Pinnacle Actuator Refurbishment ShopA national industry leader in actuator services and products, Pinnacle Actuation has the capability to provide quality actuator services either at our shop facility or on-site.

Pinnacle Actuation maintains a shop in Woodstock, Georgia dedicated to the refurbishment of motor-operated valve actuators.

The shop includes cleaning tanks, a sand blaster and a walnut blaster, an air system to support the use of pneumatic tools, 240/480 Volt power for electrically testing the motors and the refurbished actuators prior to final preparations for shipment; and all of the tooling, including specialized tools for disassembly and reassembly of the actuators in a safe and timely manner.

Couple this state-of-the-art shop with qualified, customer oriented, Pinnacle Actuation refurbishment specialists and you can be assured of cost effective, on-time, error free, actuator service.

To speak with a refurbishment specialist, call 800-829-8145 or email us.

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